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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has claimed an estimated 20 million-plus victims worldwide—with more than 800,000 victims enslaved each year. And yet, despite significant anti-trafficking efforts over the past decade, the number of modern-day slaves seems only to be growing. We are attacking the scourge of modern-day slavery by providing the U.S. government and other leaders with the tools they need to disrupt the criminals, networks, mafias and gangs that make more than $150 billion a year by exploiting other human beings.


May 24, 2021

Kidnapped, Raped, and Robbed: Dangerous Title 42 Expulsions to Mexico Continue

Karina* and her three-year-old daughter fled Honduras after the gang member who had raped her threatened to traffic her daughter. As they walked out of a shop in Tijuana last year, a…


Victims of Child Sex Trafficking


Whose Child is this?

Every other day a child is recovered off our streets from sex trafficking. With the youngest being 11 years…


  • Of the 23,500 kids who ran away in 2019, ONE IN SIX were likely victims of child sex trafficking…


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