Our Vision

The vision of Moises Padilla Foundation is to help assistance to current of former members of a cult and to offer assistance for victims of group labor, sex trafficking, support for families looking to save a loved one from this destructive cult, reconnection support with estranged family members from undue influence, support services for families and friends of current or former cult members. Rescue or support for children trapped in this cult.

Mission Statement

Moises Padilla Foundation’s vision statement is that all victims and survivors of a cult as well as their families and communities, receive responsive, empowering services and support that meet their needs, both individual and cultural, through advocacy and education aimed at eliminating recurrence, challenging oppressive social institutions, and reducing violence and oppression.


Moises Padilla Foundation’s is dedicated to raising awareness and educating about destructive high demand / control groups in the United States and all over the countries where cults has presence. Providing aid is also a top priority, for which we offer care, guidance, and other various support for victims of undue influence, abuse (child and adult), human trafficking (sex and labor) and exploitation of all kinds.